Are you trying to get your health insurance premiums down?  Would you like to be able to qualify for one of those health plans that offer a low deductible?  Perhaps your doctor has suggested that you might have to take blood pressure medication and you’d like to try lowering your pressure with some exercise and stress reduction?  Maybe you just like be out in the great big beautiful outdoors.

Some of the most beautiful places on earth are…golf courses.  Golf will give you some great physical exercise and improve your mental health.  Just ask any avid golfer.  If you are interested in sunshine, sleeping better and making some new friends golf is a great choice.  Think Golf! listed the five health benefits of golf.  They are:

  • Cardiovascular workout – golf will leave you slightly short of breath and help you to work up a little sweat.  That will help to lower your cholesterol, and speed up your metabolism, which will make losing weight easier.  A round of golf will burn about 300 calories in a 150 pound individual who plays for about an hour carrying clubs.  Sure beats running for an hour.  You only ride?  You will still burn about 230 calories.  The driving range burns about 200 calories per hour.  Proper exercise – carrying those clubs around can also be called weight bearing exercise.  Plus, it’s a lot more fun being outside weight bearing rather than being inside in a stuffy gym.  If your significant other complains that you are on the course too much just tell him/her that weight bearing exercises are great for your bones.  Two to three times a week can create long, lean muscle mass, which will help to support  strong legs for dancing later.  This type of exercise can also help to prevent osteoporosis.  Carry your own clubs to include weight bearing in your golf game.  To release stress on your shoulders get a double strapped golf bag.
  • Plenty of Vitamin D – you get strong bones from Vitamin D and it also regulates the amount of calcium and phosphorus in the blood.  It also helps regulate the growth of skin cells.  Some foods are high in Vitamin D but your body can actually make all the Vitamin D you need just by getting a little assistance from your buddy Mr. Sun.
  • Sleep better– this one gets my personal go-for-it vote. Regular exercise increases all the positive things you get from a good night sleep.  Exercise helps you to fall asleep faster and remain in a deep sleep for a longer time.  Regular exercise is the key here and golf can give you that.  Muscles feel a little tired and achy after a round?  A good sleep will give your muscles time to repair themselves.
  • Find New Friends – Don’t have a partner to play golf with?  Just go to the pro shop and ask to be a substitute for a threesome missing the fourth player.  Making friends increases endorphins.  Endorphins give you pleasure which will improve your mental outlook and give you an overall feeling of well being.  Studies have shown that seniors that remain social and friendly live up to six years longer than those that don’t.  Get out there!  Before you go check with your doctor to make sure you are healthy enough for a workout in the sun.  And, most important of all, have fun.