Other than a baby, the next cutest thing in the world is a puppy.  I love the way they smell.  It doesn’t matter the breed either.  You just want to play with them, and pet them and hug them.

Puppies eventually grow into dogs.  Dogs bite about 4.7 million people, mostly children, in the United States every year.  Before you visit your favorite breeder to select a puppy better make sure you bought one of the available health plans for you and your family.  I choose to believe that most dog bites arrive by some sort of accident.  Unforeseen accidents are one of the reasons we have health plans.  Almost all carriers are now charging a separate deductible (even if you have a high deductible health plan) if you go to an emergency room and you are not admitted nor have surgery.  Before you bring your little furry bundle of joy home it would be a good idea to have, along with the name and number of a vet, the address and phone number of the nearest urgent care center.  Act like a Scout and be prepared!

Here are some of the best ways to protect you and your family from dog bites according to healthday.com :

  • Babies and small children should always be supervised and never left alone with a dog.
  • Teach children to ask the dog owner for permission before petting any dog.
  • Before touching an unfamiliar dog, let the animal sniff you or your child first.  Pet the dog gently, avoiding the face and tail.
  • • If a dog is sleeping, eating or caring for puppies, leave it alone.
  • Walk, don’t run, when passing a dog.
  • If a situation occurs where you or your child feels threatened by a dog, remember to remain calm, avoid eye contact and stand still or back away until the dog leaves.
  • • A person who gets knocked down by a threatening dog should curl into a ball and protect their face using their arms and fists.

A lot of the time a dog reflects the training received from his/her owner.  Some dogs are better trained and therefore better mannered.  Having said that it’s always a good idea to have some knowledge about which dogs may be more dangerous than others.  Research by the American Veterinary Medical Association, The CDC, and the Humane Society of the United States has given us a list of the most dangerous dogs. Starting with the least dangerous they are:

  • Dalmatian
  • Boxer
  • Presa Canario
  • Saint Bernard
  • Great Dane
  • Chow Chow
  • Doberman Pinscher
  • Alaskan Malamute
  • Husky
  • German Shepard
  • Rottweiler
  • Pit Bull