If you are in the market for new medical insurance and thinking about getting some health insurance quotes online, you may be wondering if that is a safe thing to do.  We are a very reputable company that can do everything that brick and mortar medical insurance offices do.

When you submit your information for health insurance quotes online, you don’t run the risk of getting a lot of spam emails and telemarketing phone calls from us. So, always rest assured that we are a reputable site to get your health insurance quotes. We are not one of those websites out there that specialize in getting you the best quote from various providers where you run the risk of getting spam email because they make most of their money from advertisements and selling their email lists. That is not to say that you won’t get good and reputable quotes from them, it just means that you may need to create a new email address just for that purpose

When it comes to health insurance quotes, you also need to keep in mind that it is not difficult to get us on the phone to help you with your problem. You can call us anytime with your questions and concerns. However, with Internet-based coverage providers it is not so easy and it can even be a hassle sometimes. That doesn’t mean they aren’t safe to go with, but just be prepared for more of a hassle than normal.

So, is it safe to get health insurance quotes from online sources? From us, yes it is perfectly safe. Call us or go to our website HealthInuranceMedics.com for the major health insurance coverage providers.