The other day my friend Jill asked me how to fill out an application for health insurance without me! As a licensed agent I find that a lot of folks don’t enjoy talking about health insurance, even my friends! If you are one of those people that don’t want to talk to an agent and want to fill out your application yourself, I will do my best to tell you how to do that.

Many people who have had group insurance for years or have never applied for insurance do not realize that with an individual health plan you must qualify for the coverage. I could write pages about what conditions you can be declined for and you would probably fall asleep about half way through. So, here are the most common ones:

  • major illnesses in the last ten years
  • Take a lot of prescriptions or were prescribed narcotics
  • Expecting parent (male or female)
  • Pending surgery

Why is that important you may be asking? Well it’s like this. Being denied coverage will stay on your MIB records and may make it extremely difficult to get insurance in the future.

So, if the above items are do not apply to you, proceed with the application. Firstly, put in the information the carrier is asking about you and your family. For an individual health plan you will have to know the height, weight, social security number and birthday of everyone that is applying. You may put your children on your policy until they are 26 and children under the age of 18 may not be on a policy by themselves. The monthly health insurance premiums will be driven by the deductible. You can pick a high deductible health plan to keep the premiums low.

Once, you get your plan all picked out click “apply” and the application will open. You will be asked about checkups so make sure you have everyone’s doctor’s name, the doctor’s address and phone number and the dates of the checkups. When you get to the heart of the medical questions the carriers review the last 10 years of your medical history. I cannot stress this strongly enough– answer every question honestly. You only have to explain each condition once. For example, if you said you had gall bladder surgery; you would answer “yes” to gall bladder disorder and not “I had a surgery” as well.

At the end of the application you will be asked to fill in your payment information. The carrier will deduct the premium from your bank account electronically once you are approved. Lastly, you electronically sign the application (typing your name or date of birth) and hit submit and you are done. More than likely you will get a call from the underwriting department. Answer all questions honestly. Remember they will have your MIB records and also prescription and hospital records.

Feel free to call any of the agents at Insurance Medics during any part of this process. We recommend filling out an application with a licensed agent because more applications are approved with our assistance. Plus, we are always happy to help!