If you are about to have us find some Health Insurance Quotes for you, it’s a good chance you will almost certainly be asked whether or not you are a smoker. When you are looking for Medical Insurance you are obligated to give an accurate answer in order to provide all the information we need to get you an accurate Health Insurance Quote. As a result, you might wonder if you “qualify” as a smoker or non-smoker. This is particularly important if you were a regular smoker at one time, but have decided to stop smoking and no longer do it on a regular basis. If you smoke once a week, are you still considered a “smoker” or not?

For many decades now, people have known that there are no positive health effects to smoking. Smoking is one of the few things that people can do that only causes a bad impact on the body. In effect, it is like poisoning yourself day after day after day. The major impact of smoking is to choke off the sensitive and fragile cells all throughout the lungs. The lungs contain tiny tubes that act like “branches” to distribute oxygen throughout the entire lung structure. Health Insurance Quotes are impacted by smoking because smoking endangers these processes. As a result, it can cause premiums to rise.

The “branch-like” structures throughout the human lungs also facilitate the attachment of oxygen to the blood cells, and the carrying of oxygen through the body. Needless to say, each and every organ and cell in your body depends upon the efficient transit of oxygen through your blood in order to function. When this transit is slowed or impeded, it can have many serious health effects. That’s why Health Insurance Quotes, whether made online or in person, virtually always request information about your history as a smoker. Smoking leads to high blood pressure and may be a contributing factor in forms of cancer that are rare otherwise.

Generally speaking, it is easy to decide who is and who is not a smoker. But if you are in the middle of smoking cessation, you might wonder when you cross the threshold and become a non-smoker. Before submitting the information for your Health Insurance Quotes, you should look to see if there are any guidelines provided about this. If you have not smoked a single cigarette for six weeks or more, then it is true that your body is already beginning to heal and recover. If it has been more than a year since you smoked, you are generally considered a non-smoker.


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