Have you been searching for health plans and found the health premiums (the money you pay each month for the policy) too expensive?  Perhaps the health plans you have to choose from do not have the benefits you would like or the one that’s affordable is a high deductible health plan and paying $10,000 out of pocket if you need to be hospitalized just doesn’t sit right with you.  Are you only a few years away from being old enough for a senior health plan from Medicare and can’t qualify for individual insurance because of a health condition?

Richard James Verone, 59, of Gastonia, N.C., might have a solution for you.  According to ABC News Good Morning America Varone robbed an RBC Bank for $1 so he could get health care in prison.  He handed a female teller a note demanding the money claiming that he had a gun, according to the police report.  The story goes  “he then sat down and waited for the police to arrive.   “I say, I’ll be sitting right over here, on the chair, waiting for the police,” Verone told reporters, recalling the June 9 robbery in an interview from Gaston County Jail.”

While he was waiting for the police the teller was on the phone with 911.  She informed 911 that “he’s sitting on the sofa as you walk in the front door.”  He was arrested by the police and was unarmed.

According to news reports Verone said that he asked for the $1 to show that his motive was medical, not monetary.  He has a growth in his chest, two ruptured disks and no job and he was hoping to get a three-year stint in prison that would give him the health care he needed.

“I’m sort of a logical person and that was my logic, what I came up with,” Verone told reporters.  “If it is called manipulation, then out of necessity because I need medical care, then I guess I am manipulating the courts to get medical care.”

The robbery, because it was only for $1, is a larceny and not armed robbery.  Verrone will probably only get about a year in the pokey.

I do have a wee suggestion for Mr. Verone.  He had been driving a truck for Coca-Cola for 17 years but lost his job in the economic down turn.  He tried working at a convenience store but his health became so bad he couldn’t continue.  The Federal Government runs a program called Medicaid.  I am not sure what the monetary qualifications are but if you do not have a job I am guessing his income was $0. I am positive that he would have qualified for Medicaid.  Another option would have been to go to the Emergency Room.  Hopefully there will be a social worker to assist Mr. Verone when he gets out of jail to fill out the paperwork for Medicaid.  This is a sad story.

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