Several key changes have already taken in effect regarding health care reform.  Individual health plans must now have free preventive visits on all plans; the insured does not have to pay a copay or deductible for a physical. There is no cost sharing with the insurance carrier. Also, plans that offer prescription drugs must offer unlimited prescription coverage. There is no requirement currently in place from requiring prescriptions to be covered on all plans. Some plans still do not cover medications at all.

One of the biggest changes that took place was the removal of life time maximums, meaning all plans have unlimited hospital coverage.  In the past, people used to exhaust their policy limits and would be forced to seek coverage elsewhere, usually at a much higher price.

The single, most beneficial change is that all children under 19 years of age will be guaranteed coverage. Yes, you read that correctly! Insurance carriers will guarantee coverage regardless of any pre-existing conditions that the child may have. Dependents also have the option of remaining on their parents plan until the age of 26 rather than 18.

This is effective in most states. Unfortunately, with these changes, health insurance premiums have increased. A good option to try to lower health insurance premiums is to select a high deductible health plan to offset the higher monthly payments.  This may be beneficial option to many, but is not for everyone.

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