Remember the Government’s food pyramid for healthy living and eating? Well, the Government is replacing it with a Healthy Eating Plate.  At the Harvard School of Public Health they came out with what they think is a better food plate with more detail.

The reason why this is important to you if you are looking around for Medical Insurance and getting Health Insurance Quotes from Medical Insurance brokers is because you must qualify for individual Medical Insurance.  That means that your height and weight needs to be in an acceptable range for that particular Medical Insurance provider.  For instance if you are interested in a Medical Insurance from UnitedHealth One’s Golden Rule and you were a 6’ tall male you can weight no more than 279 pounds to be accepted and issued Medical Insurance from Golden Rule.  For Blue Cross and Blue Shield of Florida’s Medical Insurance plan if you are a 6’ male you may weight no more than 271 pounds.

The Boston Globe’s web site is and they have a review of the Harvard Healthy Eating Plate written by Deborah Kotz.  As you can see from the photo above milk has been replaced by water and there is a bottle of oil to indicate that its health y to use heart-healthy fats.  Ms. Kotz goes on to say the plate is “Text heavy with explicit instructions to limit dairy, eat whole grains like whole-wheat pasta, limit trans fats — yes, you should know what those are — and to not include potatoes or French fries as vegetables”.  Potatoes have been getting slammed lately, huh?   The Harvard plate would also prefer that you eat lean poultry and fish and not much red meat for protein.

I don’t think the Medical Insurance carriers care so much how you keep your weight proportional to your height.  I know that when I am filling out Health Insurance Quotes and medical applications for clients, I don’t ask if they drink milk, eat cheese, or lots of lean chicken.  What I do know is that being overweight carries a big medical price tag and not just with the Medical Insurance providers.

The Fort Lauderdale Sun Sentinel ran a piece in January of 2011 called Dangers of Obesity.  It’s pretty sobering when you read it. More than 72 million adult Americans are obese.  If you ever wondered why everyone is harping about obesity lately and Medical Insurance carriers in particular read this from the Sun Sentinel article…

The Top Common Complications of Obesity:

Stroke & Cardiovascular disease

Obstructive sleep apnea

Lung disease

Fatty liver disease



Reproductive abnormalities

Type 2 diabetes

Cancer (breast, uterus, colon, esophagus, pancreas, kidney, prostate)


Inflamed veins, often with blood clots


Please pass the brown rice.  Thanks.