A lot of us work really hard to be fit and healthy. That pays off big time when shopping for Medical Insurance. Being fit also helps to keep your health insurance premiums lower than they would be without all the workouts. Medical Insurance carriers have height and weight standards that you have to meet in order to qualify for individual Medical Insurance. I think most of us who work hard with the squats, the lunges and the step-ups would be delighted to hear that all we really needed to do was to buy a pair of Reebok EasyTone sneakers and we can forget all the good-for-your-tush work outs. Reebok started selling the shoes in 2008 for around $100. Reebok has advertised that its EasyTone and RunTone shoes are proven to strengthen hamstring and calf muscles 11 percent more than regular sneakers and tone glutes 28 percent more. Sign me up, right? US sales of toning shoes were $17 million in 2008 and rose to $1 billion in 2010. Medical Insurance is important to have so that our lives will be saved if we become really ill. Medical Insurance pays for you to have a well care check up every year. Lots of Medical Insurance carriers offer discounts to gyms. They offer healthy living and eating workshops. One of the reasons they do that is so that by preserving your health they preserve their bottom line and in some respects yours also. If you are ever in doubt as to what exercise can do for you here are some ways exercise can improve your life from Mayo Clinic.

•Exercise controls weight

•Exercise combats health conditions and diseases (that’s why Medical Insurance companies encourage it!)

•Exercise combats heath conditions and diseases (score # 3 for Medical Insurance companies)

•Exercise improves mood

•Exercise boosts energy

As you can see, what’s not to love? And if you are a Medical Insurance carrier you can see why they promote exercise. So, what’s not to love about Reebok EasyTone sneakers? Just one little thing. They don’t work. Don’t believe me? Perhaps you will take the FTC’s word for it. The Federal Trade Commission announced on September 28th, 2011 that Reebok falsely advertised that the shoes would strengthen muscles because in reality there wasn’t any science to back it up. Gotta watch out for those science guys especially when you use words like proven in your advertising. Reebok has agreed to pay out $25 MILLION as in dollars to customers who bought their shoes. The FTC has charged the company with false advertising. Reebok says that just because they agreed to the refunds they stand by their product. Yeah, right. They will pay out $25 MILLION ‘cause they are nice guys. The FTC in the announcement thoughtfully added that customers can apply for a refund at www.ftc.gov. I have a great suggestion. Why not get yourself some Medical Insurance with a discount to gyms and forget about the EasyTone shoes? Sounds like a bargain to me.