I spoke with a very nice lady the other day.  Here is what her scenario is:  She and her husband have been looking for health insurance for about five years.  They would go online and all these plans would come up.  Different Health Insurance Quotes for the same types of plans, lower heath insurance premiums for a High Deductible Health Plan.  Did they really want to pay health premiums for a plan that had a $25000 deductible?  Where would they get the money if they became really sick and had to pay a $25000 deductible? They would do this on and off for five years and every time they did they just got so frustrated and confused they gave up.  They were afraid to actually talk to someone because they felt they did not have enough knowledge to protect themselves from buying a plan that wasn’t the best they could get.  They didn’t buy anything for five years.  Two weeks ago, this very nice lady with two teenage sons went in for her annual mammogram.  The results showed something so her doctor had her do an MRI.  She has breast cancer.  Not only does she have to face the worry of breast cancer but she has the added worry of no Medical Insurance.  It will probably cost hundreds of thousands of dollars to hopefully save her life.  Please don’t let this happen to you.

Since I am a broker maybe it would be more helpful to read some words from one of the many insurance sites on the internet.  Health401k.com has a great article about buying health plans.  “When searching for the best health plans that matches your financial and health needs, it’s hard to digest the information that comes with health insurance quotes.  Health insurance quotes contain many different values, and just shopping for health insurance can be very time consuming.”

The article goes on about actually calling insurance companies and getting quotes over the phone.  You will be able to talk to someone who is very knowledgeable about that particular carriers plan.  If you like the plan and the premium is affordable you can go ahead and buy it right over the phone.  The next topic is buying insurance over the Internet.  “Getting health insurance quotes via the internet is also a very good choice.  Using the Internet is a fast and simple method of shopping for health insurance, and you are able to go to a company’s web site and learn about their policies.  Most companies also have a calculator that allows you to change settings and view how much your plan will cost.  You are also able to compare the costs of different companies at the same time, as well as receive many more quotes in a shorter amount of time.

By shopping for health insurance via the Internet, you can compare lots of health insurance quotes side-by-side, making comparing different plans very simple.  You can also purchase a health insurance plan quickly online securely using your credit card or another method.  By buying health insurance on the Internet you can get your plan as soon as possible so your coverage can start right away.”