High blood pressure that is not controlled or requires more than one medication to control may get you a decline if you are applying for individual health plans.  You also run the risk of your health insurance premiums being rated up/increased for high blood pressure.  Too much salt in your diet may cause high blood pressure, heart disease, edema and kidney stones if you were wondering why you need to watch your salt intake.

Salt is a compound of two elements, sodium and chloride.  Salt regulates the flow of water in your body, helps muscles to contract and sends nerve impulses through your body.  Salt also helps to preserve food.  The “experts” tell us not to consume more than about 2,400 mg of salt per day.  Some say not more that 1500 mg per day.  You get the idea… tone it down on the salt thing.  Like numbers?  Crunch this: 56% of meals purchased at fast food outlets contained more sodium that you should consume in a whole day.  Chicken fast food outlets have the worst sodium levels.  The absolutely best French fries in the world?  The small fries at McDonalds have 160 mg’s of sodium, medium 270 mg’s of sodium and large 350 mg’s of sodium. According to Healthy Menu Maker Americans are so beyond a pinch it’s almost funny. Almost.  On average we consume 4000-5000 mg’s of sodium per day per person. Almost double what we should, or so say the experts.

Now that you feel terrible about yourself and your eating habits, and before you swear off fast food forever read on!  From Science 2.0 “High Salt Intake Health Risk Debunked?”

They go on to say “high-salt diets may not increase the risk of death, contrary to long-held medical beliefs, according to investigators from the Albert Einstein College of Medicine of Yeshiva University.  They reached their conclusion after examining dietary intake among a nationally representative sample of adults in the U.S.  The Einstein researchers actually observed a significantly increased risk of death from cardiovascular disease (CVD) associated with lower sodium diets.”  Huh?

This just in from NewsChannel 10 “Low salt diets apparently do not prevent high blood pressure, and may actually increase the risk of death from heart attack or stroke.  Researchers followed nearly 4,000 middle-aged people with high blood pressure and found those who ate less salt were more likely to die of heart disease…..”

I guess what they say is true… take everything you read and hear with a grain of salt.