It’s Summer time.  Health plans in place? Health insurance premiums paid up to date?  Maybe you are looking for health plans?  Give us a call at Insurance Medics. We have all the major carriers and would be happy to shop around for you.  We also carry senior health plans like Medigap and Medicare Advantage plans.  As fun-filled and busy as summer time is it’s not a good time to be without medical insurance.  Kids go to camp, go swimming and are outdoors a lot.  Parents have barbeques and outdoor parties for friends and family.  Grandparents play golf.  They might just run into a thunder storm or two.  Accidents can happen and you want to be sure you and your family will be well taken care of should something unforeseen occur.

Here are some summer safety tips from the Wellness Junction:

  • “If you are planning to barbecue: and using a propane gas grill; inspect your tank and hoses for leaks, dents, cracks or corrosion.
  • Always light the match before turning on the propane gas.
  • Use your grill outdoors and far from any structures that may catch fire, such as patio covers, garbage cans or buildings.
  • Do not use lighter fluid, gasoline or other flammable liquid with your barbeque.
  • Never smoke cigarettes or use matches or lighters near the grill.
  • If you are using a charcoal grill, use water to make sure that coals are extinguished, and be careful never to dispose of briquettes that are still hot.
  • Avoid loose clothing- especially long sleeves- while grilling.
  • Parental supervision is essential- keep all children away from the grill.
  • Fireworks add festivity to a Fourth of July celebration, but a public fireworks display is safer and more dazzling than trying to do it yourself.
  • Fireworks and sparklers should be handled by trained professionals.  Sparklers can get as hot as 1,200 degrees!
  • Stay at least 500 feet away from the fireworks display.
  • Remind children that if they find used fireworks or sparklers- do not touch!
  • When spending time outdoors this summer, you and your family should consider these burn prevention tips:
  • ALWAYS wear sunscreen to avoid serious and painful sunburns!
  • When playing in the sand or on playground surfaces, always wear shoes to avoid injuries and burns to the feet.  Playground surfaces can reach temperatures of 180 degrees!
  • If caught in a lightning storm, seek shelter IMMEDIATELY.
  • If your car radiator overheats, do not remove the radiator cap until after the engine completely cools down.”