The Market place is where small businesses and individuals can learn about the different healthcare coverage options. You can compare health insurance plans by there costs, benefits and what services they provide. You are able to choose a plan and then enroll in coverage.

It is for people who do not have health coverage such as Medicare, Medicaid, CHIP or another source that will provide qualifying coverage then the Marketplace can help get you covered. The amount you will pay depends on your income. For example, your savings depends on the estimate of your expected income for the year 2016, not the income for the year 2015.

Plans cover essential health benefits, preexisting conditions, and preventative care. Dental coverage is available as an-add on but is not required. However you cannot buy dental coverage alone. If you choose to have it you will need to be enrolled in an insurance plan.

The Marketplace provides information on different programs that help people with low or moderate income pay for their coverage. The assistance can come in the form of ways to save o monthly premiums and any out of pocket costs of coverage that is available through the Marketplace. It also provides information about other programs that you may qualify for or services you may be in need of such as, Medicaid and the Children’s Health Insurance Program, (CHIP).

The Marketplace tries to encourage competition between private health plans which can bring lower costs to the consumer. Information about the costs and comparisons of health care can be found on websites, in-person assistance, and call centers. Some programs are run by the state while others are run by the federal government.

There are 4 ways to apply for coverage, online, by phone, with in person help or with a paper application.