Insurance is no longer an optional commodity, everyone in the United States must have a health insurance plan or risk paying a penalty come tax time. Florida Insurance Agency was founded in 1993 and is considered a leader in providing protection for families, individuals and businesses in Florida. They are ranked high in customer service and low in rates, and are understand the customers varying needs for coverage.

Florida Insurance Agency gives you all the basics as well as some options you may not have previously thought of. They provide “quality coverage at an affordable price.” They partner with top-rated insurance carriers that serve the local area.

Getting the right coverage for yourself and your family can be confusing and frustrating. Florida Insurance Agency is an independent, local insurance agency and they are on the consumer’s side. The help you wade through the competitive course of health insurance and comply with new laws concerning the Affordable Care Act.

Finding the Right Insurance

Individuals and family’s needs change as time moves on, laws change and life changes so the coverage you started with may no longer be adequate to meet all your needs.

Because Florida Insurance Agency is independent, their ability to assist their customers is greater, unlike direct insurance agents. They are able to find the best price by shopping multiple insurance carriers. They represent companies that offer tested and reliable insurance products as well as excellent service to their customers.

Florida Insurance agents view themselves as your consultants, working with you to help determine your needs.