Last month, in HealthMad, reported “Studies and corresponding researchers have suggested that there is evidence to suggest that shopping prolongs life.” I know that that statement will make glad the hearts of women everywhere and probably make men grab their wallets. This study was done in Taiwan, studying about 2,000 men and women. They found that retail shopping created greater companionship between partners. It also helped them to be more socially involved because of the interactions they had with the shop keepers.

Then there is the exercise. Daily shopping keeps you walking every day. They also reported that shopping for pleasure increases psychological wellbeing. What about shopping for health plans to protect you and your loved ones? While you may not get the benefit of exercise you will get the social interaction when you pick up the phone to talk to one of the friendly agents here at Insurance Medics. Also, you will have a wonderful feeling of well being knowing that if you became sick or injured the majority of the expenses would be taken care of by your individual health plan or senior health plan.

With all the varied plans and all the unfamiliar terms like “high deductible health plan” and “deductible” and “co-insurance” and “co-pay” and “maximum out of pocket” and “rider” it’s enough to drive a savvy shopper nuts. And then it seems as though every single company has a variety of different plans and none of their plans look or sound anything like their competitors. It’s so confusing it’s enough to make a person just give up. But, wait, don’t do that. Over 70% of the bankruptcies in the United States are due to health care costs. Instead of giving up – make a list just like you would if you were to go retail shopping. On your list write down what is the maximum you can afford to pay for your health insurance premiums. Also, write down what you would like to pay. Now, the trick is to blend what you can afford to pay in monthly premium and what you can afford to pay if you have to meet the deductible. You would have to meet the deductible if you got sick or needed surgery. Another way to look at it is to ask yourself some questions about you. Are you a risk taker? Pick a high deductible health plan if you are an individual or a Medicare Advantage plan if you are on Medicare. Like to play it safe? Pick a health plan that offers a low deductible, doctor co-pays and prescription coverage. These plans will have higher health insurance premiums but less of a worry factor than their “no frills” counterparts. Always choose a nationally known company, it s always the way to go. Good luck and Happy Shopping! Also, please give us a call at Insurance Medics, we make it simple.