Health insurance is a necessity nowadays because of the high costs of anything related to the medical field. Keeping that in mind, you may be worried about the costs or your health insurance premiums as they can be just as hard to come up with every month. There are many factors that may influence the amount of money you pay in insurance premiums, and knowing those may help you get an idea of what you should expect. Here is a look at some of the influencing factors that go in to determining the cost of your monthly health insurance payments.

Your health is obviously going to have a big factor on what you pay each month. Basically insurance companies have to assess how big of a risk they are taking by insuring you or your family. The higher that risk is, the more money you will have to pay each and every month. Thus if you are a healthy individual with no pre-existing conditions to worry about, you will have low health insurance premiums. If you already suffer from depression, anxiety, asthma, insomnia, hypertension, or other medical conditions, you will have an increase in monthly health insurance premiums. In some cases, pre-existing conditions may also prevent you from getting insurance altogether. For instance, cancer, diabetes, heart disease or a stroke would be an automatic declination.

Some of your activities may also impact how much money you pay every month on insurance as well. For example, tobacco users have to pay more per month on health insurance premiums because they have a higher health risks in general. They provide a greater risk for health insurance carriers to insure and thus they have to pay more money each month to make up for that. The same goes for patients who drink a lot or who work dangerous occupations. As long as you lead a normal, risk free life though, you should not have to pay a lot.

Other factors may go into calculating your health insurance premiums that you have absolutely no control over, like your age or family history. You may be asked to take a physical to determine the actual costs of your insurance beyond what you say on paper. High blood pressure, high cholesterol, and many similar factors may play a role in how much money you pay every month. However, it is rare for an insurance carrier to request a medical exam on an individual.  You can ask us at Insurance Medics for more information regarding the specific plans that we offer. We can provide you with the most accurate quote possible based on the various policies we have to offer you. If health insurance premiums are unaffordable you can always opt for a high deductible health plan. For more information on health insurance premiums or any questions please call. We are just a phone call away.  866-396-9140

Health Insurance Premiums