Under the ACA there are different types of minimum essential coverage that plans have to follow. Grandfathered plans, non-grandfathered plans and non-minimum essential coverage have unique requirements of what rules they have to follow.

How does the health care work after enrollment? You will pay a monthly premium and you will have a share of out of pocket costs you have to pay. Your insurer will pay its’s share of covered costs. Although it is a simple concept, it takes some planning and some work to get the plan that is right for you. Take the time you need to shop for health insurance and health care.

It is important to understand your options when trying to decide on what plan is best for you. When reviewing a health insurance plan you will want to always trade one cost or benefit for another. For example, a plan that has a high premium might have a great network with tons of covered services, but have a very high deductible. Another plan may have a relatively lwo premium, but their network is very narrow.

There are many costs and benefits to review and match and the choices get confusing but they are the key to finding the best deal. This is the research you must do and the decisions you must make prior to enrolling in a plan. Open enrollment is closing on January 31, 2015 for the 2016 year so there is a still time to do your homework.

During this open enrollment period you can sign up for the plan you chose, apply for cost assistance, or change a plan you are currently enrolled in. In case you miss open enrollment find out what you will need to do. You still have options available to you.