40-1This is a very important question that seekers of health insurance Florida policies need to ask themselves. However, not so many think about it and will only realize the sad truth when they need dental care. Before purchasing a plan, there are a number of important things you should know about insurance covers and dental care coverage.

Dental coverage is an optional choice

Some insurance covers include dental coverage while some don’t. For those that don’t include dental coverage in the plan, it is issued separately or as a standalone plan. This is so because not most people require dental care and it would make no sense to pay for a premium service that you don’t require. It’s upon you to decide on the best plan for your needs.

Health insurance coverage that include dental coverage can as well be purchased from health insurance marketplace or directly from providers such as Insurance Medics.

Pediatric dental coverage is inclusive 

40-2Dental coverage for children is regarded as an essential benefit for those below 18 years of age. If you are thinking of buying a health insurance plan from a provider, it’s a must for the provider to include pediatric dental coverage in their plan. Unless there is a rational assurance that you will or have purchased the standalone dental coverage for your kid(s).

Dental coverage for adults doesn’t have to be mandatory. A company may decide to include it in their plan or not.

Purchasing a dental coverage

If considering to buy a dental health insurance package from the health insurance marketplace, you are required to enroll in a health insurance plan. The payment of premiums for a health insurance that includes dental coverage is done only once per month. That is, a single payment for both coverage, though the price may be a little higher than for health insurance plan only. If you decide to buy a standalone dental coverage, you may be required to make separate premiums for each of the plans. Separate dental coverage can be purchased from providers such as Blue Cross Florida.

Insurance Medics offers both health and dental insurance coverage for adults and children. Check out the plans you are eligible to and receive a quotation today.