37-1Are you looking to buy a new health insurance policy but are worried about losing the benefits of the existing policy? Read this post to find out what you can do.

It is not uncommon for people to have more than one health insurance policy in Florida. And no, you will not lose the benefits of your existing policy if you buy an additional policy or in fact, several other policies. In case if you are hospitalized for some reason, you will be allowed to make claims on both or all the policies. However, the total claim amount cannot be higher than that of the hospitalization costs.

But how will you make a claim on two or more health insurance policies? Let us have a look.

37Reimbursement Policy

While majority of the policies now offer cashless claims, there are many that don’t. In a reimbursement type policy you are required to pay the medical bills from your pocket and then get the amount reimbursed from the insurance provider. If you have two policies, the reimbursement can be claimed from both the policies if a single policy is not able to pay the entire bill.

For instance, if you have two health insurances with $4000 as coverage amount in each policy and your medical bills are $6000, you can get the required documents for making a claim and get $4000 reimbursed from the first policy and the remaining $2000 from the second policy.

Cashless Policy

The process is similar with cashless policies as well. You can make cashless claim on one of the two policies, get the summary of claims settlement and photocopies of medical bills and other documents and then approach the second insurer for the remaining amount.

Moreover, if the cost of medical services is already defined, you can fill two different authorization forms which the medical service provider will send to the insurers and then both the insurers will directly settle your medical bills with the medical service provider.

So, if you already have a health insurance policy and are looking to buy another, rest assured as you can gain benefits from both. And if you are searching for a good agency for health insurance in Florida that can help you choose a health insurance policy, Health Insurance Medics can be an excellent choice. They work with some of the best of insurance companies and also offer ObamaCare and Blue Cross Blue Shield of Florida policies.