People with Medicare or Medicaid often want to know if they still need to enroll in ObamaCare. They often wonder why they have to enroll in ObamaCare when they are already insured. Before answering that question, we need to know what ObamaCare is.

What Is Obamacare?

ObamaCare is an informal name for the Affordable Care Act. It is a United States reform law on health care that widens and boosts individuals’ access to health care and also prevents spending via taxes and regulations. The main aim of ObamaCare is to provide Americans more access to very affordable health insurance. Apart from this, it improves the health care’s quality, regulates the health insurance industry, and reduces the spending on health care in the United States.

So, let us now go back to the question- whether or not you still need to enroll in ObamaCare. It should be known that under ObamaCare, Americans that are not insured would have to be insured first; or else, they would have to pay a tax penalty. Hence, ObamaCare places more emphasis on the uninsured Americans. If you are already covered by Medicaid, you do not have to enroll in ObamaCare as you are already insured. This means you would not be eligible to get a tax credit via the health insurance exchange of your state. However, you still have the privilege of getting free or cheap health insurance Florida via Medicaid. Those with Medicare are also covered and do not have to purchase health insurance from blue cross blue shield Florida via exchanges or receive a tax penalty.

Basically, you have to enroll for ObamaCare if you are uninsured. But if you are insured either with Medicaid or Medicare, you need not enroll in ObamaCare.