It takes a lot of commitments to be enrolled for dental insurance plan, because it is usually expensive due to the fact that patients will have to purchase additional plans to cope with a viral of dental work. Therefore, deciding on which type of plan to go for can be confusing and can present a number of challenges. It is important to know that there are basically two types of dental insurance enrollment plans; the first one is the “indemnity plan”, the second is the “managed care plan”. Below are explanations of the two.

Types Of Dental Insurance Enrolment Plans

  1. The indemnity dental insurance enrollment plan

This type of insurance plan is the one that patients make an upfront payment for dental treatment and submits claims for reimbursement to the insurance provider. One of the advantages of this plan is that the policy holder does not have limitations on the type of dental care providers you can use.

 2. The Managed Care Plans

This type of dental insurance enrollment plan gives policy holder the opportunities not to bear dental cost until reimbursement. The major difference between indemnity plan and managed care plan is that the policy holder in the managed care plan has limitations on which dental care provider he can see. Here are the three categories of the managed care plans:

  • The PPO plans, which offers discounts for clients within a network.
  • The DMO Plans, which offers discounts to insurance companies.
  • POS Plans, which offers opportunities to policy holders to see a dentist outside the network.