Although for the most part, Dental insurance is not covered under ObamaCare, children’s dental coverage is a benefit that is required and included on all Affordable Care Act plans. Even though it isn’t required, it is a very important aspect of a person’s health and wellness.

Dental plans can be purchased as part of your health plan or can be purchased as a stand-alone plan during open enrollment. If you have a plan that includes dental and you want to drop the dental insurance, you may switch during open enrollment. However, you can’t just drop the dental portion of the insurance, you must drop the whole plan, and find another.

Separate, or stand-alone dental plans can be cancelled anytime during the year by not paying the dental plan premium. This will stop the dental insurance from continuing.

If you have a dental plan through the marketplace and it is part of your health plan, do not “remove” your dental portion of the plan as it will also cancel your health plan.

Choosing a Dental Plan Category

The Marketplace has two categories. High and low.

The high coverage has lower copayments and deductibles, but higher premiums. This means you will pay more every month, but it will cost you less when you utilize the services.

The low coverage level has higher copayments and deductibles but a lower premium. This means you will pay less monthly, but will pay more when you utilize dental services.

Dental coverage is considered essential for children and must be made available. For adults, dental coverage does not have to be offered in an insurance plan.