5.Accidents and health complications can happen at any time without any previous warning. For that reason, health insurance has been created and made available for people to address any health issue that might incur in the unknown future. Although health insurance plans are known to run on a yearly basis, there is also the possibility of acquiring a short-term plan that will still provide the benefits and coverage of the long plan, but will just do it for a limited amount of time. Given the fact that it is meant to cover for a shorter period of time, it is also cheaper than long term plans. However, that does not mean short-term plans are good for everyone. In this article we will explore who are the ones likely to benefit the most from short-term plans. After all, short term plans are not just for travelers as many people think.

While transitioning or looking for jobs

The quest for a better job or even for the first job ever seems to be at the heart of the desires of most people. One of the most important things that job applicants look for while applying for jobs is the health insurance they provide and all the benefits that come with it. For that reason, many people do not need to purchase any insurance at all; their company provides it for them. However, when people are transitioning jobs or looking for one, it is recommended to acquire a short-term plan that is able to cover them until the moment when they find the job they want.

Young people and recent graduates

Family plans are known for covering the spouse and the children of the person it is issued to. However, these children loose the insurance coverage as soon as they become independent. For them, finding an appropriate short-term insurance plan is important, as it will help them stay insured until they find a job that can cover health insurance and other primary rewards. In the same way, recent college graduates are encourage to get a short term plan as they throw themselves into the marketplace and find a job that can sponsor their insurance.