Many people do not realize that there are consequences to lacking Medical Insurance.  Without insurance, it is hard for people to receive the proper medical care they need to treat illness and disease.  If left untreated, a person may spread their illness or disease to others, which includes family, friends, and co-workers.  Of course, a person may seek emergency treatment at their local hospital since hospitals are unable to turn away a person in need of medical attention.  Unfortunately, many medical professionals are tired of providing care but not the pay they deserve and so there are fewer professionals willing to take on the job.

Yet another consequence people face when they do not have medical insurance is the financial burden that it causes.  If a person were to become seriously ill, they may require hospitalization, medication, testing, and other health care services.  Without insurance, this becomes an out of pocket expense that people and their families cannot afford.  Furthermore, while a seriously ill person can receive emergency room treatment, that does not mean they will have access to the medications they need.  Pharmacies are not willing to provide medications unless a person can pay for them and without insurance, this may be extremely difficult.

Medical Insurance