You have no shortage of choices when you are in the market for an insurance agency. With insurance agencies that cover a variety of regions, offer a variety of services, and offer different plan types, you have a big decision on your hands. Which insurance agency is right for you? Did you make the right choice? Here are some things to keep in mind when choosing an insurance agency.

Insurance agency choice checklist:

  • Does the insurance agency offer plans that fit my needs and the needs of my family?
  • Does this insurance agency have rates that I can afford?
  • What are the options at this insurance agency for monthly premium rates?
  • Does the insurance agency have a plan that has low monthly premiums but a higher deductible?
  • With the low premium plan at this insurance agency, are the deductibles or copays more than I could afford?
  • Are the agents at this insurance agency licensed?
  • Does the insurance agency have a history of frequent rate fluctuation?
  • Do I feel like the insurance agency is trying to pressure me into a plan without explaining it or thoroughly answering my questions?