Blue Cross is a popular name among the Association of Health Insurance in the United States, it is was established in the year 1929 by Justin Ford Kimbal who was the then vice president in one of the university’s healthcare facilities in Dallas, Texas state of America. It is important to know, Blue cross has partnered with a number of organization in providing basic health insurance services since 1929. It is simply a network of health insurance providers in the United States of America.  One of the interesting things about blue cross is that they cover most of their customer needs in health insurance care like the PPOs HMOs, etc similar to other related companies do such as blue cross-blue shield.

Some facts about blue cross

Blue cross is a reputable healthcare insurance provider in the United States, it has enjoyed years of good reputation for its amazing and reliable service deliveries. Here are a few facts about blue cross that may interest you.

  • Blue cross used to be a licensed independent health insurance plans provider, but a merger.
  • Blue cross was founded in 1929 and was an independent entity until 1965 when it became the Blue cross association.
  • In 1982 blue cross merged with Blue shield and form an organization constituting of organizations covering health insurance practices in 36 states of the USA.
  • The Blue cross health insurance plans provides coverage for hospital expenses, while its partner – Blue shield provides coverage services carried by physicians.

It is important to know that the merger of blue cross and blue shield has make it stronger and it is one of the most popular health insurance plans provider not only in the U.S but also in the world at large.