BlueCross BlueShield is a federation made up pf health insurance organizations from 36 separate states in the US. These organizations provide health insurance to almost 106 million Americans. It was founded in 1929 and in 1960 became the Blue Cross Association. The Blue Shield Association was created in 1948 and the two merged in 1982.

Blue Cross Blue Shield companies strive to improve health care with quality programs that focus on wellness, prevention, disease management, and coordinated care for improving patient’s health. At the same they reduce costs to everyone, patients and hospitals.

BlueCross BlueShield has over 700 local patient centered care programs, nearly 327,000 participating providers, and has over 42 million members in patient centered care programs. Across America, they insure 1 in 3 Americans and partner with patients, physicians, hospitals, and the government. Their goal is to create a system of health care the helps patients get healthier faster as well as stay healthy longer.

Blue Cross and Blue Shield Customers experience the following benefits:

  • Few emergency department visits that are unnecessary
  • Fewer hospital admissions
  • Reduced hospital infection rates
  • Better outcomes in quality health measures such as breast cancer screening, improved cholesterol control, and compliance with the best practices to treat diabetes.

In health care strategies for government programs, almost four million people are managed through Medicaid with improvements being noted in their health as a result of preventing chronic disease. Blue Cross and Blue Shield companies are striving to build a better healthcare system.