Blue Shield offers a variety of health care coverage plans to fit your lifestyle including preventive care that will help you stay healthy. There are things you can do at every age to prevent illness. Regular prevention screenings help beat several cancers by finding and treating them early. Blue Shield plans offer 100% coverage for preventive care.

You have access to over 41,000 doctor’s and 300 hospitals in California. There are plans to fit many different budgets and round the clock services. Blue Shield also offers health and wellness resources such as NurseHelp 24/7, CVS Minute Clinic, and Wellvolution.

Blue Shield partners with local health clinics in many communities and so are able to reach a wider range of the population. Resources are provided to families, organizations, schools and individuals in order to help everyone live a healthier life.

Why You Should be Covered

Health insurance has recently become much more affordable. Under Obamacare, everyone must have health insurance or pay a tax penalty which will get bigger over time, unless you qualify for an individual exemption. You will need to show that you have some type of health insurance when you file your taxes. Coverage that qualifies can be from a Marketplace plan, a Medicare or Medicaid plan, or an employer’s plan.

You have choices when purchasing a health care plan and one of them is the Marketplace. The plans in the Marketplace include core benefits called essential health benefits. Essential benefits entitle you to emergency room care, maternity and newborn care, hospital stays and preventative care.

Blue Shield is ready to provide you with the health care you need to live a happy healthy life.