Blue Cross is joined with Blue Shield to form a group of thirty six American insurance companies. Blue Cross and Blue Shield are together, but they were actually originally formed separately. Blue Cross has always been a federation of insurance companies.

How did Blue Cross start?

            Blue Cross was started by Justin Ford Kimball in 1929. At the time he started Blue Cross, Kimball was the president of the health care facilities at Baylor University in Dallas, Texas. The Blue Cross health insurance plan was originally started to benefit teachers at Baylor University. Later the plan was extended to other employee groups and companies in Dallas, Texas. Eventually, the Blue Cross insurance plan extended throughout the United States. At one point Blue Cross was affiliated with the American Hospital Association, and the AHA adopted a Blue Cross as their symbol. However, the Blue Cross severed ties with the AHA in the 70’s.

What does Blue Cross do today?

Today, Blue Cross along with Blue shield has several licensed insurance companies which provide insurance to different regions. Blue Cross also provides insurance to Federal employees. Blue Cross agencies are the providers of a lot of the medicare policies.