Blue Cross Blue Shield is a network of 36 health insurance providers. Instead of being branches of one company, the Blue ross Blue Shield providers hold licenses to use the Blue Cross Blue Shield designation. Blue Cross Blue Shield handles much of the medicare coverage. Blue Cross Blue Shield also covers Federal employees.

What is the Blue Cross in Blue Cross Blue Shield?

Before it became a part of Blue Cross Blue Shield, Blue Cross was started in 1929 by an employee of Baylor University. It was originally intended to provide insurance to teachers at the university. Even before the formation of Blue Cross Blue Shield, Blue Cross spread in use first to other employee group in Dallas then to the rest of the country.

What is the Blue Shield in Blue Cross Blue Shield?

The other half of Blue Cross Blue Shield, Blue Shield was founded in 1939 to insure the employees of lumber mills and mining camps in the Pacific Northwest. Blue Shield specifically started in California. Later the federal government chose to work with Blue Cross Blue Shield to administer medicare leading Blue Cross and Blue Shield to merge into Blue Cross Blue Shield.