2.1Health is wealth. Know how to protect it.

Health is a great gift and must be cared for appropriately. Nothing would seem attractive to a non-healthy person. Having all the riches would be meaningless if health is not there.

Why Health Insurance:

When it is agreed that health is so important, one has to agree that it must be protected. Recovering from health related issues can not only have its physical and mental toll on the body but can also be very heavy on pocket, at times making it next to impossible to afford. It can easily wash away lifetime savings or disrupt retirement plan. If not, even then also it can be very expansive. It is for this reason that health insurance becomes extremely important.

Health Insurance Options

There are many health insurance options and plans that are available these days. These options are specifically designed after years of research and through studying different patterns of health related requirements. Before choosing any health insurance, one need not only be careful but also requires awareness about all the available options and at the same time should be able to ascertain which plan is best suited. Some health care insurance plans are focused towards providing insurance coverage for people of relatively younger age and would contain benefits that are usually required in that age. On the other hand, there are insurance plans that aim towards providing maximum benefits near or after retirement.

Things to Know

Before choosing any health insurance plan, one must know about many factors. First and foremost is to be aware of the category of the plan. Whether the entire contribution is being self financed or a portion is also paid by the company or employer. This would not only determine the affordability but will also determine the benefits during and at the end of the tenor. Second equally important thing to know before choosing health insurance plan is the monthly or periodic cost associated with the plan. One must understand how much cost will be incurred for the plan. Third, and equally if not more, important factor to be aware of is the benefits that are available during the tenor as well as T the end of the tenor. After all, it was the actual purpose of getting into this entire exercise.

So it is essential to be fully aware before choosing health insurance plan. After all, it can be a matter of life and death. If not, at least it is definitely a matter of quality of life one lives.