2Automobiles and health are two worlds apart. One is an inanimate being, used to take us places and on nice getaways, while the other one is an important aspect of someone’s well being. However, what these two have in common is the fact that there is insurance offered for both, although their principles are again, very different. Nonetheless, it seems that it would be of more benefit for health insurance companies and their users to apply some principles from auto insurance and become more efficient.

Bad maintenance equals cancellation of insurance benefits

A person with an automobile is expected to change the oil on a regular basis and give it maintenance. Failing to do so could consequently lead to accidents and bad performance of the vehicle. If something were to happen to a car that has not gone through maintenance and change of oil, the insurance company would likely not pay for any damage that occurs to it. This however, is not what happens within the health insurance world. In health insurance, people can still benefit from it even if they do not take good care of their bodies. For example, a man could lead a sedentary life, sitting on his couch everyday while watching TV and consuming a diet high in sugars and fat, but low in other important nutrients, and one day acquire diabetes. This person would go to the doctor, perform some exams and go through treatment that would likely be covered by the man’s insurance. However, all these expenses could be avoided if the man had lived with different habits and be more mindful of his health the same way he is expected to change oil and maintain his car. If the insurance company were to refuse their coverage for the lack of care on the patient’s side, the man would probably be more mindful of it.

The priority of health

It sounds drastic to compare human health to cars, but health can never be unlimited. At times it is secondary to other factors. For instance, a person may decide to go to work even if he or she is feeling sick just to make some more money. Therefore, the distribution of health benefits could be distributed according to different ages and different needs, just like it happens with automobiles.