3.1The range of health insurance plans out there is tremendous. From cost-effective ones to really expensive ones, people now have the opportunity to find the plan that best suits their needs.  Most people will always try and find an affordable insurance plan as the monthly premiums, deductibles and other costs, can sometimes become a strain on one’s finances.

However, one needs to make sure that the insurance coverage that they are being provided is able to cover all their needs. The new healthcare reforms are expected to make affordable healthcare a greater possibility now.

How to begin searching for an affordable plan?

The best way to begin is by doing your research. Familiarize yourself with the various insurance plans that are available in your area. You need not always look for a private- insurance company to help you out. There are also many federal and government sponsored programs that you could check out.

Once you know the options that are available in the area, check out the eligibility needs as well as the terms that are associated with each one. Though this will be a tiring process, it will help you make a more informed choice. Acquaint yourself with all these necessities before you go ahead and avail of a particular health insurance plan.

Affordable Health insurance plans provided by the Government

California has a few well thought-out insurance plans that are very useful to some people. These include The Healthy Families Program, Major Risk Medical Insurance Program (MRMIP) and the Access for Infants and Mothers Program. The Healthy Family Program covers not just general health but provides vision and dental coverage too. Offered by the MRMIP, this program is meant for well to do families where the parents earn more than that needed to qualify them under public assistance.

The MRMIP program provides benefits, although limited, to all those residing in the state of California. If you already have a preexisting condition that prohibits you from availing other health plans, you can always try out for this program. Lastly, the Access for Infants and Mothers Program caters to pregnant women having low-incomes. It has a five person board that approves a person for this program as not only do they provide prenatal and preventive care to mothers but also in-patient and out-patient care.