202The importance of medical insurance in health care plan cannot be argued. The medical insurance is provided by the government as well as through private sector channel. While both have certain advantages and disadvantages, let us focus on private medical insurance.


There are various advantages of private medical insurance.  First and foremost is the luxury of personal attention that is received by people who opt for private medical insurance. They are always considered to be more important and special care is given to them. It is a continuation of this importance that they don’t have to wait in long queues for their number to come to get attended. This factor alone can give a sense of achievement to someone.

Second important advantage of private medical insurance is that there are a range of options available to choose from. The insurance requirements can vary so much from one person to the other that a single vanilla solution or even few solutions could not be of much help. Private medical insurance provides the desired flexibility.

It has been observed that patients who attend clinics and hospitals under private medical insurance are given privileged treatment that would include private and better rooms, permission of visitors regardless of time, etc.


Looking at the flip side, there are certain disadvantages as well. Although these disadvantages may vary from case to case and from person to person, they still exist. First of all, it is expansive and some may argue that the advantages are not worth the expenses. There are times when realization of opting for an expensive insurance plan may not seem viable. Secondly, since it results in premium treatment, it does not warrant covering even a slightest deviation from the plan. If the private medical insurance plan is not well researched it can cause problems at the time when it is needed.  Thirdly, it is beyond the domain of private medical insurance plan to provide anything extra than what is exactly covered. This rigidity can be problematic, especially when it is medical matter.