Health insurance marketplaces are organizations established to facilitate and handle all affairs in the purchase of health insurance in a given place under the watch of “Patient Protection and Affordable Care Act”. In the U.S health insurance marketplace is also known as health exchanges and are responsible in providing a set of government-regulated and qualitative health care plans that enable individuals purchase health insurance policies at a subsidized rate without any hassle. It is important to know that before an organization be given the permission to facilitate healthcare activities, it must be certified and be enrolled for full operation by federal law. This will help regulate and assures reliability in any health insurance plan purchase.

Things To Know Before Picking A Plan In The Health Insurance Marketplace


  • The plan category

The first thing to know before chosen a health insurance plan from the insurance marketplace is to know about the category of plans available for this purpose. These categories will guide you through to know the relationship between you and your plan share-cost. You can learn more about these categories here the 4 “metal” categories.


  • Think about the cost when purchasing a plan

It is important to think about the cost of the plan you are purchasing, this will help you to plan ahead because you pay on monthly basis and it won’t be funny to see yourself having budget overrun.


  • Know about the network types

It is important to understand that some plans and network types will allow you to make choice on which doctor to see or which health care facility to chose; therefore having adequate knowledge about the network plan available will help you in making a good choice of health insurance plan.