Dental insurance is an insurance cover designed to handle medical expenses incurred with dental care. There are several types of dental insurance care plans that cover individuals, families, as well as groups. We will be looking at them one by one further in the article. However, it is important to understand that each dental office and insurance company has its own fees and charges on the procedure they offer, but all schedule fees are regulated under customary dental services. Therefore, it is an indication that all dental insurance companies have similar list of price for the dental service they offer. Below are primary categories of dental insurance plans.


Categories Of Dental Insurance Cover


  1. Indemnity plan

Indemnity is the most commonly used type among all and it is often called ‘Dental Insurance’. It is that type of insurance plan that allows you to visit any dentist of your choice for treatment who is in acceptance with this type of coverage. That is to say, you can see any dentist you want to see who accepts this type of insurance plan.


  1. Preferred Provider network dental plan

Also known as PPO, it gives you the opportunity to use an out-of-network plan or non-participating provider for all your dental care. However, it is important to know that some of the dental insurance cover may have maximum limit per year, in this case, any additional treatment given will be shouldered by the patient unless otherwise specified in the dental policy.


  1. Dental health management organization

This type of dental care is an opposite of PPO; it allows you to use an in-network dental office or in-network dentist to benefit from the dental treatment in that network.


In conclusion, know that when a dental treatment is served a claim of service is channeled with your dental insurance company; therefore, always know that the kind of service you will get will depend on the type of insurance policy you purchased.